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“Golf Secrets: Relax!” By Anwar Heidary

January 21, 2013 Leave a comment

A good day of casual golf should be both competitive and relaxing; being tense and alert is not always the best idea when golfing. In fact, relaxing your golf swing can add yards and yards of distance! Look at the pros in the PGA and WPGA: none of them can be seen making a tense or taut swing on the course. By practicing a more relaxed swing, you too can improve your game.

Like most relaxation techniques, relaxing to play golf begins with calming your mind. Your mental state is all-important. Clear your head and calmly focus on the coming swing. Give yourself a moment to get collected; take a deep breath and be patient with yourself. You will find that this greatly helps your focus and concentration when it comes time to hit the golf ball.

If you neglected to stretch out your arms and shoulders before teeing off, take a moment to do so. Remember to gently stretch out whenever you begin to feel stiff or rigid. Being loose and limber is the first step to preparing your body for the swing. Once you are ready, grip the club firmly enough to hold it steady in the follow-through, but loosely enough so that it can generate additional force as you swing it. This is similar to the way in which a hammer can be made to strike with greater force by allowing it to move partly under its own weight during the strike. By applying the same principle to your golf swing, you are virtually guaranteed to increase the distance the ball travels.

About the Author:

Anwar Heidary is the Managing Director of Smart Financial Consulting. He is an avid golfer who once purchased 200 acres of land in Ontario to create a brand-new golf course, Heron Point Golf Links, which he later sold to ClubLink.