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Must-Sees and Must-Dos in Dubai

February 20, 2013 Leave a comment

By Anwar Heidary

The city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, has become world famous for its rapid and astounding transformation from a fishing village into an economic and touristic powerhouse. Dubai’s reputation as a can’t-miss destination for world travelers is well deserved, for many different reasons. Here are a few of the attractions that are not to be missed when visiting the city.

1. The food. Dubai has some of the most interesting dining options to be found anywhere in the world. At the high end, establishments like the Hilton and Grosvenor House hotels offer fine dining to compete with the best that Tokyo and Paris have to offer. However, there is more to the city’s cuisine than these expensive choices. Visit Al Dhiyafah Road to find a wealth of dining options that are as delicious as they are reasonably priced.

2. The Gold Souk. Sellers in Dubai’s famed Gold Souk offer high-quality, government-controlled precious metals, which, with a healthy dose of haggling, can be bought for as little as half the initial asking price. The sight of so much gold, platinum, and silver is itself an attraction, even on a budget.

3. The Bastakia Quarter. Away from the famous Burj Al Arab hotel and the glistening high-rises of downtown is the Bastakia Quarter, one of the few parts of the city that has not been recently demolished and rebuilt. The tiny district is a cluster of sandy stone buildings and winding passageways, littered with chic galleries and restaurants. It’s a nice change of pace from the glitz and glamor of the rest of the city.

About the Author:

Anwar Heidary is a successful financial professional and avid world traveler. Aside from Dubai, some of his favorite destinations include England, Germany, and Austria.